About Us

Congregation of Sisters of St. Martha (CSM) is a religious congregation started as a Diocesan Congregation in the year 1948 by a holy and pious diocesan priest named Fr.John Kizhakoodan. “Love Serves” is the motto of our congregation. The goal of the congregation is to stand for witnessing Christ through simple life expressed in manual labour and serving the least ones and downtrodden of the society. The Charism is to make the poor, the helpless, the abandoned, the rejected by the community, the old people, the mentally retarded and the handicapped understand and feel the merciful love of Jesus. The members of the congregation are engaged in different apostolate such as hospital service, community development, and service to the old, mentally retarded and handicapped and boarding home for girls and working women etc. Main Institutions: Primary School, Dispensary, Aged Homes, Boarding Houses, press, Tailoring centres, candle and host making.

The congregation was elevated to the Major Archiepiscopal status in 1997 a year before its Golden Jubilee by the then Apostolic Administrator of the Syro Malabar Church, Archbishop Mar Varkey Vithayathil. During the year 2013 the congregation has erected two provinces ie: Lourde Natha Province, Thrissur and Good Shepered Province, Irinjalakuda.

The Missionary zeal took our sisters to foreign countries as well. Now our mission services are rendered in Germany, Italy, and America too. In India already we have mission houses in Tamil Nadu, Bhopal, Sagar, Orrissa and Arunachal Pradesh..