St.Michaels Convent Newark America

Our sisters are working at St.Michaels Parish School, in Newark .

St.Marthas Convent Norwich and Metujen

    Here our sisters rendering their service in old age homes.


    Our sisters are doing their service in Hospitals and old age homes at different places such as Albano, Torino, Reggio, Milan, Perugia, Genova, Tjorrina, Rome, Sangasper, etc.

The Mission Houses outside Kerala

    The members of the Congregation, are committed to share in the life and holiness of the Church more intimately and, hence, undertake the mission to serve the divine plan for the kingdom of God by proclaiming the gospel of Christ. The most efficacious means for the fulfillment of this mission is the living witness of the Lord Jesus. .
  • 1) St.Marthas Bhopal
  • Sisters are working in Diocesan School and a tailoring unit is also functioning here.
  • 2. St,Thomas Santhi Bhavan, Barodia
  • St,Thomas Santhi Bhavan, is started in 1991. A tribal girls hostel is functioning by the sisters. At present 45 school going girls are here. More over our sisters are active in the apostolic field through various activities like services in the church, house visiting , village programmes etc.
  • 3. St.Thomas convent, Dourana
  • it is started in 1995. Sisters are working in Sagaar Diocesan School as the incharges and staff.And also involved in pastoral activities like teaching catehism, house visiting and conduct the prayer services, spiritual development programme for the parishners etc.
  • 4. Seva Sadan, Bamhori
  • This is our first mission station, started in 1983. It is a branch of RDSS working among the tribals.We take care the triblas girls hostel. Moreover village visit, catehism for the children, tailoring centre and teaching in a School which is run by CMI fathers.
  • 5. St.Antony’s Convent, Erode
  • St.Antony’s convent is really a witness among the non Christians. St.Antony’s Matriculation school is the main apostolic field of this convent. The presence and service of the sisters in this convent is worthwhile to this place. Moreover our sisters are active in the apostolic field through various activities like services in the church, special programme for the youth. Every day Sisters are going to the Latin church for Holy Mass. house visiting and intercessory prayer.
  • 6) St.Marthas Convent, Parasia, Maharashtra
  • 7) St.Joseph Convent , Udala, Orissa